What ways can we post non-hopscotch open source code?


If GitHub, or GitLab aren’t allowed, what other ways are there for us to post open source code, allowing people to develop their own version of the code, and allowing people to contribute to the code. Maybe this could be monitored somehow? Or maybe we could use a different service? I just think allowing open source code for other programming languages, (html, JavaScript, C++, etc) makes the forum a lot less based around just hopscotch, and a lot more about coding in general. Any thoughts?


We’ve been talking with THT about github and some other similar platforms.
I personally think that they’d might allow this, but take this with a spoonful of salt

Scratch is currently allowed but I see your point and I also think that’d be pretty cool.
I’ll bring this up with Ana when I have a min,


Thanks! I guess since people can open PRs and create issues, it causes “communication outside the forum” problems. I’d love to share the code I’m working on with everyone here.


Yeah and I believe that’s why it hasn’t been implemented yet. Maybe after we vet the sites? We’ll see though

Yeah I’d love to see your code, I bet it’s cool. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m learning html right now in my game design class. I figured I’d put it to use, and found a framework called electron.js. It uses chromium, and basically displays html pages as sites locally, and you also use javascript for some other stuff I haven’t really learned yet :P. It’s how apps like GitKraken, and Atom are made. I suggest checking it out, it’s really cool. (Also all apps made with it can be crossplatform :D)


lol I’ve been working with JavaScript and HTML and a bunch of other languages for like 4-5 years now actually haha
Electron.js is actually super cool tho, I agree. It’s fun to work in haha

(Maybe let’s talk abt this more on the general discussion topic? If you want,)


Yeah that’s cool. Hopefully I can post my GitHub link sometime soon. If not maybe I can at least link a download for the source code somewhere.


Hmm. Maybe until then you could post pics of the OSC and the running program on the GPU topic?


Since it is coding related, go ahead and start a new topic (if you can’t find one) in random. That way you can bring other users into a specific coding related discussion and they can see how Hopscotch prepares them for higher languages.

I’d hate to see a good topic get cluttered with GT convo. :+1:t4:


Electron is awesome! I’ve used nativefier if you know what that is to make everything even easier.


Yeah I’ll go ahead and do that.


I’d also like to show my Google Site if possible, can thatalso be an exception to the list? That’d be great – there are no comments and I can remove Google Forms, but for the time being those links are not to be found