What was your first project on hopscotch?


Mine was a scooberdiver game, and you had to get through fish to get treasure.

Your first ever project?

Mine was firebird's Trip but I did a few challenges before that.


Of course, mine is My First Project


I didn't publish it, but mine was Flappy Bird. I don't know why I picked that..


My first hopscotch project was this weird farm thing, which then led onto me ditching it and moving towards my first completed project Cow Tapper.

I think my aim was to buy chickens etc and build a farm, kind of like Hay Day. Forgot, not sure lol.

If you want to find it is on my old account 'BestesColesNZ'



My was geometry Dashhttps://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xcen49p7l


You're link is broken, try to put a space between dash and https.
Next time try to use the preview option, it really helps alot


Mine was math quiz.
But it was becomming annoying so I'm making snake.
Still on 0⃣.3⃣ so it's not finished yet


Well my first project was my first project (LOL) but my first REAL project was called City saver I think? :confused:


Mine was a blank project called swirls that was just Chillanna making swirls. I unpublished it.


Ok, my first REAL project was almost the same thing that TheAquamarineWolf put.
I put chillanna and a few other characters and then I published it as "im dizzy" Now I unpublished it and looked at it again.


I made my first project in August 2014 so I can't remember what I did. I was also on before accounts so I can't remember. The only thing I can remember is that Hopscotch looks SO much better now.


My first project was the food fight one, it was actually Flappy bird but something went wrong so I made food fight instead.


My first project was Draw Something.


mine was flappy bird too!
(or was it 3D shading?)


My first project was Flappy Bird. I added a background and "Loading..." text.
It was cool.


Mine was a petition against cyberbullying

First Project