What was your first post on forum?



My first post was “I always look at my likes and I do see @t1_hopscotch liking my new exoplanet generator. Let me tell you, I do love space”


I forgot my first post XD


I think my first post was on one of magmapop’s topics, but that was nearly two years ag


Hehe so old and cring y.


Probably this. It might have been on a leaving topic though.


This already happened lol


here it is I think


It was some question on an outdated SmileyAlyssa AMA topic



There’s other topics like this.


I think that this is my first post here on the forum, but I am not sure. It is at least my first topic:


My first post was something about someone imitating or being ‘mean’ xD to me. Awe I was so cring in 2016 ahhah


Mine was basically asking hito if she could me how to upload pictures.


Idk but i think some reply to @happyfacegirl??
I do not remember cause i have been on over a year and ive made many posts


This was my first topic, I think, or something like that, but I don’t remember my first post –

I can’t believe that smishsmash was the only person to ask for a request!


i double posted about how to make a smooth bg with no lines


My first post was months after I joined. One second.


This, Want to join the City Tech crew?


It was:

Thank you! ()()()()()()()()()(making 20 characters)…

Because someone welcomed me to the forum xD