What was your first mention?



Welp... i can't.

This is a topic so we can post our first mentions!
@MR.GAM3R remember the good old days?

Ps: This has to be your first mention BY ANOTHER USER.
Hope I cleared that up nicely.


Guess I have to put OMTL here cause no one is posting.

List (87 tags)


Mentioned in a mention topic...



Lol. Gtg time 4 lunch.


I don't really know probably by @kvj



Thank you, Maltese, for that first mention... :D


Just a reminder, please don't use the OMTL with every topic you make. I know, if I don't wanna be tagged every time, remove myself, but still, lately, I have been seeing you use the OMTL a lot over the last couple days and weeks. It gets really annoying to be tagged in topics day after day, especially when it's by the same person. I get it, this topic is cool and all, but still. I'm not exactly fond of being tagged twice in an hour or two by the same person. No offense, this is just my opinion and this is a cool idea.. Even if it is a cool idea, I don't think anyone likes to be tagged so much. Anyway, my point is, please, please stop using the OMTL so much. Even in the Official Mass Tagging topic, it says to not use the OMTL repeatedly. So, I kinda think that being tagged so much is just a little bit obnoxious. Still, no offense and this is my opinion entirely. I don't know if anyone will even agree with this, so of course, I may just be thinking about something wrong and remind me if I am. But, my only point (that probably is wrong anyway) is that you may want to stop using the OMTL so much, especially if it's in one day... I think some people may have mentioned this to other hops, so I just wanted to remind you about the problem.. I know you may think your topic is important, but it was barely five miutes after you posted the topic that you used the tag list.. You just need to give the topic some time. But if it's a topic about a problem or tips, you can use the OMTL in the topic. But with a game or something like this, it just needs some time for people to post.
Thanks a million,
~ Reffy


You're welcome!

No problem (ಠ‿ಠ✿)


Your OMTL is outdated by a month or so... @Strongerthanyou


I was dying when you did that xD


(ಠ‿ಠ✿) glad you're alive now XD


Was it?


Yea I think so lol @kvj


Mine was technically @LazyLizard, when she nominated my projects for Featured long before I joined


Maybe, idk


I'm pretty sure nobody knew who I was before I joined XD


Probably or pop tart or amazingalphawolf or whatever


I did.


Any examples...?

I drew cringy art before I joined, nobody knew me then. XD


Examples of what? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)