What was your First Code?


What was your first coding experience? Say it in a reply below, my first one was on code.org.


OMG MINE TOO I FINISHED ALL THE LEVELS :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Yep good old code.org


I remember what the first version looked like


Well, Hopscotch was my first introduction to coding, but my first experience with real programming was on Khan Academy.


Oh so let's stop talking about this before this gets flagged and the topic is locked


I use Khan Academy too! However, I think I got started on Codecademy.


Mine was scratch... good old scratch. But now I've forgotten how to use it! XD


I first learnt to actually code by myself on Hopscotch. The first project I made that was completely my own was a game called "Firefighters".

It's okay to share your first coding experience, but maybe you could talk about your first coding experience on Hopscotch, since this is the Hopscotch Forum :smiley:


I started on Scratch for a year, then found out about Hopscotch. Scratch was forgotten pretty fast after finding Hopscotch.


At first I looked at all these things like Alice but they were too boring. I actually started coding on a minecraft mod called "ComputerCraft" that allowed you to use lua to program virtual computers (Still my favorite language to this day)


scratch. on there, i'm codestuff and still use it.