What was wrong with docs?


I know we can't communicate out side the forum but why? As long as no one gives out personal info.
I know that there's no one to moderate docs
We all really liked docs




There's no one to moderate what goes on in docs. :D


But we all have sense lol






That's what the weird people want you to think. :stuck_out_tongue:
Some people just can't handle being on docs without someone there to moderate. :D


Was there any issues on docs ever?




:( i rly liked docs


I don't know, I've never went on one of those docs.
I mean, THT had to ban them for a reason, right? I think it has to do with legal stuff so THT doesn't get sued just in case something bad happens.


I know


Its unfair T.T


Yes, there were a few.


Like what?


Like what?


There was some big problem (idk the deets) and then THT found out and the rule arose.


Just saying that if you wanna share docs and communicate, they can't stop you
Oh no, they suspend you. Well guess what. You guys already have each other's docs so it won't stop you


Murphy can I please follow you


I don't have anyone's docs lol