What was the project that you were most proud of?



What was the project you were most proud of, did that project get a lot of likes. Once I made a project that I really liked and it was not even noticed. This was a topic in 2014 so all the credit does not go to me, here was my favorite project on my MYD account. My drawing pad https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xspcx2wyj
I made way better projects on different accounts.


It's really nice! My favorite project is probably Alien V1.1 but my most liked is rainbow design maker


Sorta off topic but you said I am in your art club, when are we going to start??


Actually, I said you could try out :wink:. "Tryouts" for the club end on February 17th and the top 20 artists get in. You probably will, because only like seven people have tried out. Just so I can check your profile, you are Make Your Day ✌🏽 right?


Yeah!! Thanks!!


OMAHGAWSH I just relized you are MakeYourDay!!!


Yah, that's my name, my hopscotch name I mean!!