What was the Hopscotch app like when you joined?



When I joined Hopscotch on my first account, it was mainly code. I just remixed peoples' projects (womp), but there was like, barely any art or hat.e
Now... is it ever going to be what it used to be? (Dun dun DUUUUUN)
Well... I will forever be unknown lol


It was very fun

But now I don't find it fun anymore


I joined in like January 2014, on one of the old account things before there were passwords and all, if I remember correctly. I forgot the user and things I'd used to sign up, so I created a new account, FearlessPhoenix.
In 2014, I never published anything, but I used to code tons, and rarely did anything other than that. In 2015, however, with my new account, I did the same thing as in 2014, and kept all of the code and 'good stuff' in my drafts, and just remixed projects because I thought it was kinda like the trend and would help me get better known. XD Featured was also so much better, and much stricter than it is now, which I feel is because there weren't Nominations, and less users, so THT could more closely moderate than they can now. And then 2016 was pretty similar, except featured got less like and of slightly worse quality. I also remember remaking some of my earliest projects with more code and adding on levels to games and such, which I still have in my drafts. Now, in 2017, it's just kinda crazy and going all over the place with RPs, chatting and random scribbles that get like 70 likes. I liked May 2014 to June 2016 best..


I joined in blah blah blah...
And then I found out that there was a wonderful person named FearlessPhoenix who is amazingly awesome and wonderful blah blah blah blah blah.


Thanks? I am like the only thing you actually mention. What about TD, KK, and all of the other awesome people? And everyone in the Ninjago club thing?


They were mentioned in the 'blah blah blah' part.


Haha, sure they were. Thanks tho.


It was like before when the editor was almost full. Also, it was landscape. It's hard to explain.
Also before passwords
I DESPISE of the new editor.
Also when MamgaPOP was still "alive"


The new editor is more efficient. And there is landscape again.


When I joined, it was good.


Isn't it good now?


I vuagley remember the really old interface


when spiral draw was the new big and my best friend.

I really need to make a “bring spiral draw back” project or something.

(td’s gt) sjjsjs