What was the Hopscotch app like when you joined?



No, not the forum, the app itself.

I remember in 2015-2016, when MagmaPOP and others were booming, the jungle characters were paid (I even remember begging my mom to buy me the tiger girl for 99 cents), and there was no subscription. I remember Star Girl Studios and her great websites, Rising, and when chat rooms dominated HS. I made so many great friends, like @Explorer_ and @Ihasfluffycupcakes!

Now, it's a paid free-for-all, most Hopscotchers are leaving, and it's become a total chaos ground. I don't have an iPhone/iPad, but by the updates and everything I figure it's horrible now.

What was HS (the app) like when you joined and how is it compared to now?


I guess a lot of the "original" hopscotchers are getting older. I started hopscotching about 2/3 years ago but havent made anything recently.


TBH it was pretty much the same except for the updates

It was all free and the editor was a lot different, sadly I don't have any pictures


When I joined the first character that you use would be your avatar. I remember December 2014, it was great :smile:


I joined when we had characters as images, but I didn't know that the picture became the first character that you used! But I don't think that it was so when I joined... I thought that you just got a random picture.

Back in the time where I joined, I remember looking at those big hopscotchers and I wanted to make as cool projects as they did. Some examples are @Valgo, @MagmaPOP, @Funky_63_Greenland, @t1_hopscotch, @CreationsOfaNoob and lots of other hopscotchers. After some time on HS, I found @BB-Box, @oio, @Madi_Hopscotch_, @Awsome and more hopscotchers . I still get amazed by the projects that these and many others make.


Thank you!


I don't think hopscotch has got horrible. Maybe kinda different, but in many good ways. Many people is joining and learn to code, more people getting featured and get inspired to continue coding.


@William04GamerA @Explorer_ I know! There were so many great people. Personal HS scrollable websites and "business" cards were as popular as hotcakes in the winter, and I even remember the old character profile pictures..


I joined in June 2014. I don't remember. Worse than now. I'll list the negative things in blue with underlines.
We had no subscription. :frowning:
We had the old editor, which was less efficient, yet very awesome.
We couldn't change our own name.
We couldn't change our own avatar.
We didn't have passwords.

Yet now we can do/have all of those things.

Explain why?


Also, it is so much better than a while ago. We have a lot of new features, and the subscription is one of the best features ever. It's completely useless, unless you're extremely lazy, which makes it useful!


Really? When I join you picked your avatar when you first published.

Do you mean the project thumbnail?


That is the worst update ever. Nothing else.
I miss those guys.


I really disliked when the update switched from character profile pictures to random designs, WHY? The new editor also lagged a bunch on my older iPad gen 3. I miss the old editor... wah...
Oh, I forgot that thee were no passwords... that was a good update.
For a while, when you did not type anything in a text box, it would switch it to the :sunglasses: emoji. Then they switched it back to being invisible. I liked that update. Oh, and I liked the update where they allowed you to switch from landscape to portrait mode. But yeah, it's been getting progressively worse in small ways. It's still enjoyable though.
P.S. I joined in 2014, but I am not so old to have known the very first editor.


Somehow i doubt that.


I joined around when @Valgo joined :smiley:

It was cool. I was scared to publish my first project.


I didn't join Hopsotch when you guys did. I joined in september 2016. :grin: There wasn't the coding journey yet, and there were no self variables.

You know the rest. Probably.


Ahhhhh, HS when I joined! I joined in 2015 (not on my NeonPuppy413 ac) and featured was easier to get on and we had the dream editor! I loved HS! (I still really do though)


What's the dream editor?


paid free for all because everything requires the subscription and it's expensive


When I joined we still had the old editor... it seems like yesterday, but it was over a year ago.. early 2016... wow


Do you remember websites? Those were really popular. If you made websites, you were super popular. I joined in June 2015 (CodeOperation) and left July 2016 (heartbreaker :yellow_heart::broken_heart:) because I wanted to take a break, then my iPad broke in August 2016 and I haven't been able to use an Apple device ever since.. (My mom always gets Android because it's "cheaper")

But they do have machines that you can win Macbooks and iPhones from at my local mall and I'm going there for my birthday.. you may never know, I might win one or buy a cheap one with a data plan at an AT&T store (ATT because of the Gumball commercial) and a HS subscription with my birthday money so.. (I really want to see The Long Haul though)

I'll probably come back. Hopefully sometime this year! (Maybe not)

oh wait if i come back i'll have hundreds of dang notifications

end of rant. by