What was the forum like when you joined?



Inspired by this thread on ACC

What was HSF like when you joined? I remember back in summer-fall 2015 when every thread was coding help, Hopscotch rumors, and new games/features. There was also a bunch of tutorials, like ones for FancyKey and emojis. Now it's a bunch of general topics.


(Bump! I want to hear your stories!)




I don't remember. All I remember is the welcome topics.


Oh, you joined in early 2016?

Yeah, summer 2015-spring 2016 was the golden age. that's when the forum was mainly about hopscotch. A lot of people said things like :D, AND THERE WAS A TON OF PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENTS! summer 2016 is when the off topic stuff and general topics took over.


So basically when I became active. ._. I missed the Hopscotch related stuff. But not the Gary related stuff!!!!!


Very welcoming, but that was pretty short lived :V


Yeah, summer 2015-fall 2016 was a very welcoming time.


Yep, and then things happend ;/


The forum became off-topic.

You can still find some Hopscotch-related topics once in a while, but most of the forum is a Hetalia K-Pop memefest.




Idek, basically The same.:stuck_out_tongue:




Bump again


Me: Joined 2 years ago, no regular
You: Joined 4 months ago, regular


Anyways, yeah, the forum's been a Hetalia K-Pop memefest since summer-late 2016.


I want more people to talk about what the forum was like when they joined!]


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When I joined, it was full of coding tutorials. There was barely any drama. Everything was on-topic and organized. It was fun and useful. It was a great place to talk about Hopscotch. Now... it's not.


I got immediately flagged when I posted something on one of my first posts :sweat_smile:
It was way stricter, no general topics
I joined October 2015

2016 was an unorganized year here in my opinion



That's what it was like from Summer 2015-Spring 2016


I joined back in August 2015, it was amazing. I miss those days a lot.