What was my impact?


I feel like I have none tbh...
But what was my impact? Be somewhat specific.
And this was inspired by the other 2


Donald Trump is becoming stronger. You taught me that :stuck_out_tongue:


@KVJ shall not be alone on this topik


That's definitely true


Yay! Also you spelt Topic the German way!!


Is "topic" in German really "topik"? xD


Your impact was making the Forum have Trump awareness! And profile pics!!


Yeah but it's grammatically "Topik"


Ok sure anything else


Hai. Never doubt the presence of Nifty muahah


Oh. xD
That's interesting that it's so similar...


You've made an impact! You've showed us that we can be funny and even a trol sometimes, but still stay on topic. :smile:


German and English are quite similar. Literally: guess what Englisch means? Or Spanisch? Or Sport? :stuck_out_tongue:


I know English is closely related to German, so of course they're similar! xD