What Undertale Song Are You Most Like?



I'll Be Matching People Up With A Undertale Song
You Can Listen To Them Here
Not All People Will Be Geting Match
Sorry If This Is Not Hopscotch Related, I'm Trying My Best To Fit In

Some Matches Will Come In Late
First Match:
@RenegadeBird1 Is Most Like Dating Start! Or CORE (My Two Favorite Songs)
@SmilingSnowflakes Is Most Like Oh! One True Love
@system Is Most Like Spear Of Justice
@Kiwicute2016 Is Most Like Waterfall Or Snowdin Town
@Maltese Is Most Like Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything Or Dating Start!
@BlueStarGirl Is Most Like CORE Or Deat.h By Glamour
@UndertaleTacoz Is Most Like It's Showtime!
@CreativeCoder And @elsasouthernisles Are Most Like Bird That Flies You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap


Spider dance = Muffet's theme is my favorite


Maybe make a hopscotch quiz?


Um, Is Anybody Here, Cause I'm Here


Hello? Anybody, I'm So Alone


awesome topic :3
I honestly think I'm most like It's Showtime!
It's very upbeat like me but can get annoying after a while like me
Plus it's Mettaton (also me) :3


I'm either Metal Crusher or maybe Dummy!?


What am I?

(stares into space)

Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap

I don't know XD


No I'm a Bird that Flies You Over a Disproportionately Small Gap because I'm pretty random with my posts and small for my age.


*Carries because I'm supposed to be asleep I have now idea anymore.

I think I ruined the post.


What even is Undertale? I have never heard of it except on Hopscotch.


I'm Listening To That Song Right Now, But Honestly I Think Deat.h By Glamour Is The Best


Goodnight! Me Go zzzzzzzzzz


Overall, I think that:

'Can you really call this a hotel, I didn't receive a mint on my pillow or anything'

Is the song that's most like me, because I'm a little energetic but shy when you first meet me, but as you knew me you can see that I'm very driven with my studies and stuff. XD

I also like Dating Start! c:


I feel like my Undertale song is Dogsong because I like making jokes?
And by jokes, maybe sans.?

Or maybe BergentrΓΌckung or ASGORE


I Like Dating Start Too! It's One Of My Fav Songs!


Maybe ASGORE.... It's my fav song BEFORE MEGALOVANIA!


I don't know. Can you change mine to Metal Crusher? I reasoned that it's more like me because when most people first see me, I start kind of quiet, but my friends say that my personality soon becomes unique and even addicting to be with.


long elevator and ooo


I think I'm most like It's Showtime and
D.eath by Glamour