What Undertale characters probebly do on hopscotch



This was random.
Frisk- Draws weird looking flowers and hearts and calls all of her projects "Determination"

Flowey- Trolls people with posting Donald Trump pictures everyone.

Toriel- Stays passive and always gives people requests to draw Butterscotch Pie.

Sans- Makes projects with terrible puns and draws a trumbone right next to them.

Papyrus- spends quality time on drawing a perfect bowl of spaghetti. It looks like a kindergarten kid drew it.

Undyne- Try's to draw anime, but really can't. Then she gets mad.

Alphys- Codes AMAZING like, she makes a huge drawing pad in three minutes. Yet, she gets no likes.

Chara- Draws evil faces on everything. Also calls everything "Determination".

Random monsters- Pretty much get 1000 likes per project.

Tell me what you mostly are like. I'm more of a uh... Undyne?


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