What type of code i will bring to hopscotch

I just code little animations and stuff they take a long time to create the story and animate them


That sounds cool! I’m excited to see what you will work on!

The only thing is that this isn’t the best place for this unfortunately :((

If you want to introduce yourself which can include what you like to code in HS, go here!

If you want to talk about coding in general and talk about what your currently making, (which can include animations and coded stories) this is the perfect place!

Of course people want to know what you’re doing /gen , but this category is for a different purpose. Each category has a topic explaining it so if you need addition help those are great!

Also if you don’t know /gen or /genuine are tone tagswhich are disclaimers since some posts may come off as two different ways so they are used to clarify a post. In this case /gen means that I truly mean what I’m saying there.

(click here to see more)

Hope this helps, tag me if you have any questions or you think those topics aren’t a good fit!


cool, but as starlight said, it doesnt really need a topic.


Ok thanks for the info


Of course, tag me if you need anything else, I’m happy to help! Would you like someone to close this topic for you?

Yeah that’s what I was thinking but I didn’t know if you could portal the first topic post or not so I’ll have to see when I go in training


i think they could portal it to the y-taco instead, if it’s alright with the topic creator (@Thenoodleperson )


yeah, wondering the same thing. from what ive seen, they clive and keep the op there and move everything (including the op) to the other topic.


Yeah I’ll have to check

@Thenoodleperson , I don’t know if you know what a portal is so in case you don’t a portal is when you take a topic and put the posts from it into another topic, so you won’t have to rewrite your post! Let a leader know if that is what you’d like!


Sounds cool. Maybe you could take it a step further and make coded animations for other users. Just make sure to create the topic in the #shops-and-requests category if you decide to do so, and please make sure you include the disclaimer if you include seeds as payment for your items.

The disclaimer, with must be typed in exactly with no alterations. Make sure you change “yourself” in “@yourself” to your username.