What tutorial should I make next?


  • How to make drag and drop
  • How to make a scoreboard
  • How to make a timer


Please Answer! The first one to highest one soon I will make.


This a great use of the poll! I think a drag and drop tutorial would be really useful and have a lot of uses in our projects :smiley:


I think a timer tutorial would be nice and what do you mean by drag and drop?


Drag and drop is where you hold down your finger and drag something around the screen.


Drag and drop please I would really want to know


I have currently closed the poll and have decided to make a timer tutorial and a drag and drop tutorial.
Thank you eveyone for voting including @CodingisCool, @t1_hopscotch, and @WaterPheonix.

Look out for another poll in this one's place! :smile: