What to do with art and RPs on Hopscotch



Why was this flagged?


Yes. ‘We cannot stop it’
If we think that, forget art and RS,we can’t even code


if art is allowed then we can do art
I’m so confused why more topics are being created
if you don’t want art then encourage others to code because stopping art is basically impossible


we can’t stop it.
how would one even do that? the hopscotch team puts up community guidelines. do people follow them? no, not at all. some do, but there are always people that don’t.


Did you read the rest of it?


Why should I eat vegan waffles when i could just eat good (death star shaped) waffles? While doesn’t want a good (death star shaped) waffle?

Though honestly this is a really good topic


This topic needs some

C͆͐̉͠͞Rͪ̚͢I͊̓̇͋̽ͫͮP̶̓͠P̛̿͜͢L̴ͫ̃́̈́ͨ̔Ỉ̵̅̕͢N̡̨ͣͯ̒̂Ĝ̷̋̀ ͫ͗͆͌̓̌͐D̛̅̐ͯ̇̌̂̀̀È͑̇̂P̊̇͂ͥ̂͋͆̾R̴͌E̿ͣ̆͒̃ͯSͫ͂̒ͬ̾S͂̎ͧ̋ͭ̀Į̶ͭ͋ͮ̊́̂̆̾O̴͑͂̚̕Ņ͐ͥ̿̊


Amazing topic, @AwesomeNachos!

I fall somewhere in the middle, because art is still creativity if you use your own art pad and not post random doodles (as put forward by @tankt2016).


Idek. It was satire right? Surely I’m not the only one who didn’t genuinely think you called me a loser.


Oh, my bad. I didn’t mean to call you a loser.


I didn’t take it that way. Dw.

Some silly billy might have.


Yep. 100%. There’s too much art. Yes, some people are amazing drawers. But there are other apps that are specifically made for sharing drawings. HS is a programming app, and I think the whole idea of role plays (on a coding app) was badly thought-through. (Sorry to anyone I offended.) (It is true tho)


@William04GamerA another topic


Isn´t it a relevant discussion topic though, even though it is pretty inactive? Idk


No, it’s just that there’s been way too many of these topics now

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