What to do with art and RPs on Hopscotch



This is literally one of the longest, most heated, and most memeable debates in the forums history




Let’s get started.

Everyone knows that there are only two (no in between :worried:) sides to this topic; the side that’s fine with Hopscotch having the loads of art and RPs that it hoards, and the side that wants a change (cough Aariv cough cough).

The side that likes HS the way it is has some points:

  • @Liza allows art

  • We can’t change it

  • Art is creativity

and so on.

The side that want Hopscotch to change has points as well:

  • It isn’t what Hopscotch is for
  • It’s led to a more art-centric community (more art, less code)
  • Vegan waffles

and so on.

The thing is, we can’t just keep fighting like this. I do agree with not having as much art on Hopscotch, but there are better ways to express yourself without indoctrinating everyone.

wow why’d I make this topic uhh

I want you guys to put your reasons why you fall on either side (without fighting) to help us better understand each other.

If I find any fights going on I will not hesitate to lounge this topic until further notice.

thoughts? @omtl


Agreed, the one that gets the most fights about

I have to agree art is fine, too much of it tho. I quit doing art a little ago, but I was hoping others would follow along but ehh nobody really cared about me anymore when I started to code more

Thanks for making this topic :DDD


That was in the past. There wasn’t much of art then,even I would have approved of art that time.

If we think that,we can’t.

Creativity is too be expressed by coding, not art.


What does that mean
I don’t speak random food


Okay, so first, this is the best topic on this I’ve ever seen. For one, it’s not a complaint. It’s neutral and vegan waffle-y!

Also, I don’t really fall on either side you described. Personally I’m not for RPs at all. As for art, some is good, but when people start posting these scribbly doodles about warrior cats and stuff, like first they make a doodle saying this cat met another cat, then they make one with one cat betraying the other or something, and they make a ton of doodles for that, and my opinion is those doodles are just spam.


Exactly! No one ever uses this in their arguments, but this is the best argument I’ve seen against Art!


Darn you have some good points


quotes vegan waffles

makes completely original joke about why it’s a perfectly good argument when it reality it has nothing to do with the matter at hand and was simply put there to make a third point for the no art side since the creator of this topic couldn’t think of one to make an even number of points for each case

wastes time

no one finds it funny

cries in corner alone


I am in between. I understand that people are “expressing” themselves with these but they are taking up Hopscotch. There is a tab for #art. It doesn’t say #trailart or #pixelart. It just says #art. I mean…it doesn’t help the claim. We won’t be able to stop it…

No. We won’t be able to stop it. Reasoning…

Reasoning from before and I still stick with it for all this rp and art stuff

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I am kind of in between. I think that several changes could be made to separate different kinds of art (more art categories) and RPs. I still think that they are fine. Hopscotch is an app for coding, but I still think that you are allowed to be creative in other ways than just coding.


Well I had a talk with Liza and she said theres nothing she could do about stuff on trending and stuff but the team is trying their hardest


Oh wow it’s awesomenachos (!)

Remember me?




You mean comics lol


I like the art but I just wish there was less of it. I think majority of projects on Hopscotch are art now but I’d like if it got to the point where coding was in the majority then I think it would be fine with most people on the “less art side”


Did you even read what I said?


Exactly. If there was less art, even I would approve of it.


Yes. Did you read what I said?


Yeah, @Aariv, @Hi_people. There’s nothing wrong with having art, Hopscotch is just flooded with it. There’s just too much, that’s the problem.


I know. Is there a way to get rid of it? No. Is there a way to stop it? Who knows. There might be?


Well, I don’t want to eliminate it. I’m all for art, there’s just way too much art and too little coding.
Maybe we could start a coding club to encourage more coding?