What to do, what to do on here


What am I supposed to do on here? I just don't know what to do on here!
Their is no point of this for me anymore! Plz plz just HALP me.


Tell me how you're feeling.


I'm here phase admin I'll help you don't worry



What is your problem? :D


Code a jumpyduck eating wafflez and you'll feel all better!
@PopTart0219 dat pic tho...:00


I'm feeling like turtle that is trying to go number two.


See what I mean? You're really funny and make me laugh!


That isn't very funny... It certainly won't help @Phase_Admin


Maybe not to you! :sweat_smile:


No, I mean what friendship said. The turtle thing was pretty funny.


I never said it was funny


Oh. Well I'm pretty sure that is not what phase admin meant...


Me at every single on of PA topics XD I'm always so confused.


That's kind of inappropriate for the fourm. Can you change that?


But he said in a way that made me think he really had to go to the bathroom but he couldn't
THT said poop was appropriate...


You can tell what your coding,feeling,announcements(if you have any!)
,anything you want to tell!!!



This topic is confuzzling