What to do on the forum!


Hello today I have a topi. For you all talking about "What To Do on the Forum"

Many people have been wondering that well look no farther in this topic I will

be discussing on what and how to act on the forum! Keep in mind I double-

-spaced this topic to make it easier to read!


You could always

  1. Make a collab

  2. Give shoutouts to not just the famous but the nice and helpful!

  3. Join a collab

  4. Discuss about what games you are making

  5. If there is a party! Will post link to a exsample later! Talk there and go a little

off topic!

6. Show drawings on the drawing topic!

7. Ask for help!

Hope you enjoyed! If you did make sure to slap that like button! Bye from the fluffy bear!


Wow nice topic all ready coming up!


I don't think so! :yum:



What do you mean????




Oops did not mean to say that I meant soon!


Now I got nice topic!