What to do next?


I am new here at Hopscotch Form, What can I do?!


talk on stuff related to hopscotch.


Welcome to the forum! Check out the Community Guidelines!

Just a tip: Remember to keep your topics Hopscotch-related or forum-related. :wink:
And you'll only have limited replies on your first day.


Basically, the forum is fro talking and helping others about hopscotch related stuff.


OMG IM SO RUDE welcom @GradyTheAwesome


Welcome to the forum @GradyTheAwesome! If you need any help, just put @ I front of my username like this: @Dude73. Then I will get a notification, and will try my best to help! :D



Welcome to the forum, @GradyTheAwesome! :D

On the forum, you can collaborate, communicate, and do more stuff with other hopscotchers! :D

Here's a link to the community guidelines!

When you tap/click the heart, you like a post!
(I didn't get a screenshot of it.)

The heart will turn red, and the number around the heart will increase by one. :D

When you tap/click the flag you flag a post! :D

When you flag a post it will send a notification to a moderator or admin, they can accept a flag, or dismiss it, or delete the post.

Flag a post if it's...

  • Inappropriate
  • Spam
  • Off-Topic

Look at the FAQ for more helpful information about flagging, and more information about the forum! :D
To get to the FAQ, tap/click the three lines in the top corner. :D

The chain will link a post.
Select all, copy, and paste the post/topic onto your post when you need to! :D

The pencil will allow you to edit your post. :D

And the three dots will open a wrench, and a trash can.

The trash can will delete your post, and the wrench will allow you to make your post a wiki post (anyone above basic can edit it), you will be able to do this once you're a regular! :D

I hope you will have a awesome time using the forum! :D


Thanks @Dude73 for your help!


Here is my guide!

Hey! Welcome! There is so much to learn!

Trust levels:

since you are new, you are a basic user. You have a limited amount of likes and replies. As you use the forum more, you will move up trust levels. You see where it says "regular" under my username? That is because I'm a regular! Regulars can do things like rename anyone's topic, move topics, and they gain access to the lounge.

Cool tricks

To make a poll, where people can vote, do this:
- option 1
- option 2
This makes:

  • option 1
  • option 2


To make a drop down menu

Do this:

click me

[details=name of this]
Random stuff inside

To make a line:

Just type four stars (*)


The magnifying glass at the top, is where you search things. You can search for topics. The three lines is the menu. When you click them, a drop down menu will appear. From there, and out can click anything on the menu to go there. Then, your profile pic. If I you click your pic, it will show your notifications.

the end!

Did you think this was helpful? If yes, please like! If not, tell me why with a reply! Thanks!

Made by @bluedogmc-official


Thanks!! I appreciate it