What To Do About Inappropriate Projects?



So, I was looking at Trending and I found some projects that I didn't think were appropriate. There were roleplays with kissing, scary stories, and some other things I didn't think were quite... Appropriate.

How could we better these projects, what can we do? Obviously, we can report them, but is there anything else? Reply with your thoughts!


Yeah, I've seen a lot of innapropriate roleplays and stuff. But this is a bit negative. Can you take the picture and specific examples down, and maybe we can discuss how to fix these things? :slight_smile:


I hate (sorry for the strong word) recieving these kind of messages on social media. I never send them on because they're really negative. In my gut, I know they're fake but I always worry that something will happen. And that's why I'm annoyed that these messages are being brought onto Hopscotch.


To all hopscotchers: if you see an innapropriate project report it :warning:


I get that. I honestly don't get affected by them, and they aren't too bad for me, but if it's only okay for half an audience, it's not okay at all.


Yeah I don't like this kind of stuff. They are interacting (which is fine) but with a love rp!


No, please don't. If it's not okay for Hopscotch, we shouldn't post it here. :slight_smile:

Can you also take down the username of the person? Thanks!


Another thing you could do is email the hopscotch team to remove the project. Other than that, you shouldn't remix it or like the project (kind of obvious) I'm pretty much all out of ideas. :confused:


The person gets a lot of likes on these projects :confused:


Just flag! They will disappear from your screen and THT will take care of the rest!


I know, but what can we do to stop people or raise awareness about this?


We don't really want to bring to much attention, so I think we should stick to flagging.


I know, I just feel like some people don't know what to do sometimes, and if they don't, the projects may become more popular.


You can create awareness projects or report them to The Hop Team.:grinning: