What to do about a flame war!


Hello! I decided that with some of the recent arguments and flame wars, we needed a topic to help explain some things about what to do if you see one, how to deal with them, etc. This topic is not because of any specific people, it is just a general topic.

So, a flame war is usually a heated argument in a topic. They can start over a disagreement, or pretty much anything. We, as leaders and mods, try to prevent and close flame war topics, but sometimes we don't see the topics at first, or aren't online at that point.

If you see a flame war, you should first try to calm everyone down. Say something like "Hey, I see some flamey comments, let's try to express our opinions in a kind way!". Hopefully, a simple reminder will be able to stop the flame war, or at least stop part of it.

If the flame war continues after several reminders, you should tag a leader or mod who is active at the moment to come help. This is because they can close the topic if it gets out of hand, or is already out of hand.

If you are part of a flame war, try taking a step back and asking yourself "Is this worth it?". Most of the time, flame wars are just arguments that aren't worth it.

If anyone has any tips to add to this, just tell me, and I'll add it in! (With credit, and if it's helpful.)

Thanks for reading! :D

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Great topic! This should make the forums a better place and make everyone more competent!
Nice job @Gilbert189


Nice topic, @Gilbert189! ^^




Great topic!

Also remember to try to not join flame wars. You may agree with somebody, but joining sides only makes it worse.


Right, so if you're part of the flame war, and you've realized you've gone too far, first, like Gilbert said, take a step back and think, "is this worth it?" And then apologize and restate your opinion kindly.


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I don't think there are many flame wars anymore now at least, we're peaceful sheeps :0


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we aren't demoting DAS. She is a valued member of the community that just has an unquenchable thirst to bring down the forum.


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I agree with the topic, don't just sit back and watch a flame war happen (or be apart of one), make sure the flame ends quickly or else it becomes a forest fire that burns down the entire village leaving the people sad...


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Awesome topic @Gilbert189! :D