What Time Do You Usually Come On The Forum?

I'm curious what time you come on the forum.
If your not on EST. then you might want to write what time zone you liv in.
I'm doing this so I know when you'll be on the forum.


There's no specific time I just come here a lot

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okay lol

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I have no idea what specific time. Normally I come on after school so around 3:50ish.

I go on wherever I feel like it lol

I go on whenever no one's around/late at night or during the day

I come on here literally every time I can there's something to do here and I'm not doing anything. So like, a lot...

You should add a poll for this.

3 pm-10 pm
GMT +1.00

Est time. 12:04-12:45 PM

6:10-6:40am/pm PST
and in school; free time (like now)