What things make you happy?



What things would make your life a better place?

Mine would be:

  1. Getting on Featured
  2. Become a mod
  3. Have a COLLAB made for me !

  1. Maybe i will nominate one of your projects?
  2. Sorry, that is beyond my control.
  3. I'll see if I can that happen as well.


1 &3 : can you try to ,ale them happen ! They will make my life a much better place !


Getting featured again, or game changers :D
Helping people!


I know ! That is a really nice goal ! Also check out my bio !


Thank you!
Thank you so much omg :D


@smishsmash , this is a SHOUTOUT to you for being soooo kind !


Thank you so much! :D! @Silverdolphin

  1. Friends

  2. Frappucinos

  3. A Game Changer

  4. To help peeps as much as I can c:

  1. Yep
  2. Go to Starbucks
  3. You deserve it
  4. Done


A collab for me and a third feature would be awesome!


Do you mean happy things just on Hopscotch or outside of Hopscotch.


probably HS because otherwise it will off-topic


Well, I guess these are some non-selfish and awesome ones..........

  1. No Flame Wars

    I don't want any flame wars here on the forum anymore. They make me sad. I have to watch new topics everyday continuing flame wars. I'm glad that the forum is kind of losing its flames. c:

  2. Frens

    I want everyone to have awesome frens. Hopefully, myself can make this happen by making friends with everyone and being social! I think that's what I can do from now on! c:

  3. Stop People From Leaving

    I don't want people to leave. I admit I was a hypocrite saying this. But, I'm sorry. I couldn't stay away. Now I want everyone to come back.

And he are some self"ish" ones......

  1. A Collab for Me

    I kinda want a collab. I know it's pretty selfish, but I want rand like to know that people appreciate me and my work! c: Congrats to @Murphy1, @Gilbert189, @Maltese, and many more for getting a collab for them. Let's congrat them! So many people want one lol.

  2. Game Changer

    I want to have a game changer to see if my work is good enough for the Hopscotch Team. c:

  3. A Rising

    A rising will be nice, since I've never been on that tab before. c:

  1. Be able to art (@Pingu tech me the ways Senpai)
  2. Frappicino
  3. Get leader :D
  4. Get featured


X 1. Becoming a leader

  1. Somehow getting recognized

  2. Noragami season 3 to not come out in less than a year

  3. Chocolate covered pretzels.

  1. Getting on featured
  2. Getting leader/mod
  3. People noticing me
  4. See @UndertaleTacoz more

  • another Feature would be awesome!
  • An Actual Game Changer!
  • Being known to THT!
  • likes from some people like KC2016, MagmaPOP, Maltese or Funky 63 etc

Some of my most unrealistic ones ^



Don't I like every single one of your projects already? :3

If I don't then I'm so behind in life


Guess I can tick off that one then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: