What the...what? (Glitch or something?)


so a few minutes ago I opened up the forum...and this is what I see

The first thing I think is "Cool! The forum has updated!"
But then I see this:

The date says 1st January 1970!?!?!?!?! What?!
I decide to open the forum in another window, this is what I see

Oh look it's the normal forum again!

So what is this? Is it a glitch? I'm kinda confused...

  • a confused Candyfloss clouds​:ribbon:

EDIT: about the geocaching profile thing in the other window: it's ok because you don't know my username! (And you will never guess it!)


It's a glitch. Just refresh :wink:



This link explains at least the January 1970 glitch. I've heard that the other is because of bad connection :D


That's what happens when somehow the CSS files don't load


The 1st of January 1970 isn't new to me...it happend on binweevils once...to this day I've always wonders why it said that XD