What the heck is wrong with the new editor?!



The editor moves stuff around, doesn’t tell you where things are, and messes with your code. CHANGE IT BACK @Liza @Ana @awesomeonion!



That sounds annoying


Could they also fix the performance issues?

@awesomeonion @JACG2018MASTER



I just got the update and it does tell you where the objects are. Are you talking about the location like the coordinates. It does, it is just faint


@awesomeonion said they released the wrong version of Hopscotch, and they are working to fix it. :boom::ok_hand:t3::boom:


Yeah, I looked at it, weird stuff was happening


How do you release a wrong version


Human error, awesomeonion said so.


It’s a bug.

Aparently THT accidentally released the wrong version of Hopscotch.

It bugs me. :stuck_out_tongue:


ąƖʂơ, ცყ ɬɧɛ ῳąყ, ɱąყცɛ ʂɛąཞƈɧ ცɛʄơཞɛ ყơų ℘ơʂɬ. ı ąƖཞɛąɖყ ɱąɖɛ ą ɬơ℘ıƈ ơŋ ɬɧıʂ ცųɠ.


I haven’t tried the new editor yet, so I don’t know this issue.


I haven´t done that either. Has the whole interface been updated or something like that?


Nope, but THT accidentally released the beta version, and there’s a bug where all your objects in the editor shift towards the bottom right corner of your device.
I haven’t found any bug other than that though.


I know that now because I just updated to see what happened :laughing:
That´s completely fine for me though, because I normally code with the old editor and just publish my projects with the new one, and I also know that there is an update on the way.


Yeah I’m having the same problem…


Ha! I get the joke! ‘Bugs me’ ha ha


Does anyone see the problem in the new editor of where you move something sometimes it moves back after you check the code?


Yep. That’s because the Hopscotch Team accidentally released the beta version (with that bug and several other bugs) instead of the correct version (without that bug).


How would that happen?


They said it was “human error.”