What the heck is the point of loading screens in projects?



Ive always wondered, what the heck is the point of the Hopscotch loading screens?

Im not talking about the ones on the app itself, Im talking about the loading screens you guys put in your projects.

I get it may, mostly not, but may need a couple seconds to load, but the loading screens y’all make seem to last like 2 minutes straight. A hopscotch project shouldnt take that long, considering most of the projects i’ve seen with loading screens are another indie hopscotch project.

So: what is the point of them?!


I’m sorry, I am having trouble understanding which loading screen you are referring too :thinking:. Maybe if you took a screenshot :calling:, I could understand better :smiley:.

Edit: I think you may be talking about the loading screens that we create in Hopscotch right :upside_down_face:? If so, the reason for those loading screens are because of trail art :art:. People have trail that constantly changes direction :arrow_right::arrow_left::arrow_up::arrow_down:️. Each direction change adds time to the completion :unamused:. They put a loading sign there so that you will not see the trail art until it is finished :slightly_smiling_face:.


I get that, but i see it for a lot of games instead of art projects that dont even include trail art.

Also for trail arts: for most i go into the code and look at it, most times they dont even bother to change the speed of the object thats drawing the trail


Oh, these projects create a lot of clones and position them before they let you play the project :slightly_smiling_face:.




If your project has to load, you add one.

Sometime people add loading screens for fun.

It’s up to the personal preference of the creator.

Hope this helps.


Loading screens can be quite fun tbh, considering theres many different ways to make them look snazzy and cool, however making it last 2 minutes when nothings really loading is just plain boring… sometimes I remove the loading screen completely and it loads just fine right as i start the project.


This is why my brother adds jokes to his loading screens.


That’s why I make my projects take less than 10 seconds to load no matter what


That’s why I make my projects take less than 5 seconds to load no matter what


Trail Art

If you want to see it be made, you can easily take out the big black loading screen


Ok fine. I just said 10 in case of lag on older devices. Zombie Run (draft) takes 2 seconds to load trail BG and 100 or so Clones, and lasers in Space takes just around 5 sec to finish drawing the background. Same with Donut Tap


Coan can do max clones in 3 frames


Petty and E can do max clones in 1 frame.


Now that’s something


Are you two just competing for shortest load time, or what? :joy:


not gonna hide it


I think that this is up to each Hopscotcher. Some may want it because they have lots of clone or trail art, like @Yusamac205 mentioned. Or, they just want the user to wait a few seconds in order to minimize lag.


To cover up the mess being created behind.