What the heck is going on here?


I go onto hopscotch to see that multiple sections of the search bar (#games, #help, Game Changers, etc.) have been taken out. Here's a picture:

I don't know what's going on, but if someone could help me that'd be great! :slight_smile:


And if you didn't notice, how-tos is there, and when I click it, it says the community is not loading! It loads for everything else.

Maybe hopscotch is making something without us knowing!


This has happened to me before too! Strange. @Liza, could you help? Or @Asha could you help?


This usually means your internet isn't working, or the community didn't load right. Check your wi-fi to see if it is working. If it is working, force close Hopscotch. (Double click your home button and swipe up.) See if that helps!


Restarting the app worked

Now I'm just stuck wondering what How-Tos is. It's not in the normal tab.

Does anyone know?


It was an old tab, back in early 2015 and late 2014. It was used for if anyone made a How-To on something. It was a cool tab for new players or new features. I don't know why they removed it.


@Zachyswag that only happens if Hopscotch can't connect with your internet very well. Kinda like, it can: but not very well? I don't know, but it happens very frequently... and all I have to do is exit out of the app and go back in.


How-Tos was an old tab for projects that helped explain something in Hopscotch.


Oh yeah... I think I remember that tab being there!

(If you were wondering, I was on hopscotch back in 2015)


Same, I think I remember it.

Then it got removed like the #challenges tab


Yeah, it's a glitch with wifi. :D
It was a tab a long time ago, but it got removed.


Your internet wasn't working.


Earlier, YOUR intervened wasn't working. Now your internet works. Double swipe the app and you're all ready :D