What the heck happened



Alright so if you didn't notice, I created a german school. But then the topic was closed by system for having a lot of flags yet none of the posts were flagged. And then just now, my first post was flagged for no reason and then it said it only had 1 like yet when I checked before that, it had 11/12 likes.




It's not closed, what are you talking about? :D


It was closed by system and then Liza opened it


That's so weird, I wonder why that happened.
I guess it's just one of those weird glitches.


I guess so



thats really odd



Weird. Technology, some days it's your best friend, other days it's your worse enemy


Maybe somebody accidentally flagged it. Idk the likes tho


That's weird...
oh and can you not use the word 'he.ck?


I have seen that one time before. Weird.


Heck is a combination of the word He.ll and the F word....


U have a point, but I thought it was a swear until I was nine and there are 8 year olds on the forum....so do it for dem kids. But trust me, I'm usually a trashy person (I'm working on improving my language) so sometimes u just gotta hold dem snip snaps back.


@Ella_13 some people aren't comfortable with the word "heck" being used, because of their age, religion, culture, etc., so could you please remove it or replace it with a different word? A word doesn't always have to be a swear to be inappropriate, and some people may consider the word you used a swear word. It's okay if you've said that word for a while and use it a lot, but make sure to consider how others might react to the word. Some people see it as a mild swear word while other people see it as a common word that's perfectly okay to use. It's fine if you don't want to remove it, but just keep in mind what I said above in the future. :+1:


Alright I get how ur trying to help but I'm gonna continue using the word because it is not a swear


Did you flagged my post?


I force my self not to say he.ck and any Potatoes instead XD


Please do not use heck. there are some kids who are 5-7 here in the forum!!! This ain't for us older kids, this is for the younger ones



I don't flag posts


I never gave u permission to change my title

And potatoes Is for three year olds

I'm gonna continue using heck cause it's not bad