What the flying heck is happening to my likes


@Rodrigo @Liza @Montoya okay so apparently @Dylan329 has this too but I can’t like for basically forever. W H A T I S T H I S. @~@



No idea what’s going on, but this is a weird glitch. It isn’t happening to me (yet) xP but I’m kind of scared of my like button now XD


shady eyes towards u, mister like button

its like a virus :00


Well I’m gonna like stuff for now… eyes button suspiciously


U lucky duck. 3:<<<< (what even is that? is it an upside down cat face?? idunno)


I never like stuff, but the same glitch is happening to me


I have it too :o


Now I feel out of place XP

It’s an infection :0

when will it spread to me??


Yikes! Luckily, the creators of the forum know about this already and are working on it. :upside_down_face:


Yep! My likes are back, hooray.


I’m trying to get that.


Tagging THT won’t do much as they don’t control the forum. Report bugs on here: https://meta.discourse.org. Also Montoya left THT a while ago XD


What.l I come home from school and my likes are back! Yeah! :slight_smile:


What is this? Wow that is weird…





That’s kinda funny but how many days do you need to wait???


Feel systemed.