What song should i make?


  • Remedy By Adele
  • Roses By Chainsmokers
  • Let Her Go By Passenger
  • other let me know in the comments



The music will be soooo cool good luck :wink:


Thank you!


Wasn't Roses already made by @Follow4LikesOfficial?

Anyway, good luck! :smile:


Yea.. but i would be making my own version if it was picked same with let her go :wink:
plus these are songs i know how to play on the real piano so it will be a little easier :smiley:


Firework by Katy Perry


Do Goodbye by Hatsune Miku English.


Those sound so good I might want em!


okay as soon as my ipad is charged i will start on the songs!!


Can one of be for da contest?




21 pilots, stressed out


Do a minecraft song like do you like my sword!(wait that has some language) so Mabey this is my biome?



  • Roses
  • Goodbye