What Song should I create next? UPDATE


Hi everyone!

It's CV Studios here. As of the time I'm typing this post, I'm still working on a song called "Demons" composed and performed by the group, Imagine Dragons.

I have just published a preview of it earlier today.

You can tell by the title that I want you to tell me what songs should I work on next.

Here are the songs that I have chosen for you to decide, if the song you want me to create in hopscotch is Not in the list, you can tell me in this forum!

Have fun deciding!! :smile:


Imagine Dragons - a) It's Time b) Radioactive

Katey Perry-------- a) Roar b) Dark Horse

The Living Tombstone - a) FNAF song (This is work in progress) b) It's been so long FNAF 2

Coldplay ----------- a) Viva La Vida b) Paradise

That's all!! Votes will be counted on the 10th of October!


I choose............ Radio Active!!!!!!!


I pick Radioactive too I saw them in concert at the Virizon center and I have pic of them but I can't show you it because I don't want to post something off topic but I swear I'm not lying they are my fav band evah!!! :sweat_smile:


And I don't want to share personal info of the people in my family


Viva La Vida! :bug: :bug:


I don't know all of them, but I love radioactive. Oh, and can you do let her go? I have one by P!nk, but the lyrics aren't clean so...


I think Viva la Vida and Dark Horse would sound cool in Hopscotch :smiley:

Also just a suggestion, you can make polls on the forum, and they might be useful to make it easier to count votes. You can click here find out how to make polls if you're interested :smile:


It's very impressive that coders can make real music in hopscotch!


I choose radioactive. :sweat_smile:


Look inside your music


Okay @t1_hopscotch , I'll try the new feature out... :relaxed:


Here's the polling system

  • It's Time

  • Radioactive

  • Roar :tiger:

  • Dark Horse :horse:

  • FNAF Song

  • It's been so long

  • Viva La Vida

  • Paradise


Hmm... I know! Lets

I don't know all the songs...
Can you do several different ones with lyrics?
That'd be awesome, but hard


Good idea to add the poll!


Thx, @HoppingBanana!


Good idea, what songs would you like me to do @JumpyJose ? I'll try my best! :grin:


Well, I didn't know a lot of the songs, that's the main reason I wanted the lyrics. I love radioactive. So please that one and the other one by them. The rest are up to you! (If you do this please tell me when it's done and your hopscotch name!)


I choose Dark horse, radioactive and roar


Just an update, the Song Radioactive is most likely to be the next song.

Just 10 more days!


I agree with @t1_hopscotch, I think Viva La Vida would sound cool because I have heard it played on the violin. Also, classical music songs should be nice like ones like J.S.Bach. (Don't know who he is? :open_mouth:) anyway, if the votes are limited to those songs like roar and radioactive, I choose roar by Katy perry.