What software is everyone making their profile pics with?


I have no idea what software @JojoDude and @CodePerfect is making their profile pics with! I would like to make my own, so do you guys know how to make one?


I don't know...
But I think it would be cool to make one!:grinning:


I can't use the forum on anything but my iPad (it doesn't work anywhere else) so I use an app. But that's not what you're asking about, so I wouldn't really know- unless maybe Photoshop?


Ive seen it somewhere in a topic
I think it was asking for a profile pic


@CodePerfect's picture was made using this website


Thanks @MR.GAM3R!! I made my avatar now!


That's awesome! I was thinking of making one for myself too


Aaaaaaah! I have a twiiiiiiiin! WHOOOOO HOOO! Noice profile picture fren! :grin:


I am making it with avatarmaker.com.


That's what I actually look like!


You look just like me but with lighter coloured blue eyes (mine are blue too!) and a different hairstyle! We are twins bro! :joy:


@MR.GAM3R how does your move when I made one it wasn't moving


I made my avatar on one of the free avatar maker sites, but I don´t remember what it´s called.
I added the pumpkin using canva, a free and cool online designing software.


Wow! That's a cool website! I did me:


It's fixed now but thanks


Yeah, I saw that right now.


I saved several versions my avatar, and for each one I moved it higher or lower (there is a button for moving your character). Then put them together and saved it as a GIF using http://gifmaker.me/


Ok thanks you I'll try that


Look at us peoples

We all avatar look alikes XR