What? Since Aug. 2015?



Why does hopscotch say: Hopscotching since August 2015? I have been there WAY longer! What is up? I changed my name recently, maybe it has something to do with that.


It has happened to me too. I haven't changed anything. I think it might be an update glitch. I have emailed the Hopscotch Team, but they haven't emailed back yet.


It's almost always on your end when this happens.

It says on mine Since August 2015, but one time somebody posted a screenshot of my page to them when one of my published projects wasn't showing up for them.

It said July 2015 (even though I've been on since June, but I had to make a new account at one point).

It's been a weird bug that's been happening for a few updates unfortunately :confused:


Hmm for some reason mine is saying 'Hopscotchin' since September 2015' :joy:


@ColeDJ Well, if it's past midnight (Sept. 1st) that makes sense because it's been setting to the current month it is. If not...I don't know :joy:


Oh yup. Forgot it was September. Makes sense. Thanks!


I think it's a bug that only appears on your own view like @CreativeCoder says. I searched up your profile for example @Moon13wingsoffire:


I know why. there is a variable (Value) in the hopscotch code witch says when you first started.
but this was added in an update, so whenever you updated the code thought that that time was
your first.


I emailed the Hopscotch Team, and they said they are working on this bug right now!


Hey @Moon13wingsoffire and all! This is indeed a bug that we're going to fix soon. However the good news is that the bug only changes what you see, so other people looking at your profile still see your original "Hopscotchin since" (like @CreativeCoder and @t1_hopscotch wrote)


Hey What’s up guys it’s scarce here