What side game would you like to see?

  • Survival game
  • Monopoly
  • Both (not promising)

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Also thanks so much for the feature with CLONER SIMULATOR!

Click here to go to cloner simulator


@TheCMStudios I have an idea on how to make your game better. Even though U am not on HS right now I have a really good understanding(I believe) on how you are making the clones move. The problem I am evaluating right now is that when a coin touches the screen, it flips it, but it flips every single clone. There is a very simple solution: Clone IDs, or self objects. Make it so it only flips the object touching the edge of the screen, but not every single clone.


It is set to only flip it’s self. Although it seems like it’s thinking that all the clones are one so when one flips therefore all flip. If there is a solution or if you said a solution I don’t quite understand, but if there is a solution it would be appreciated😄


Yeah use self, so only the one touching the border flips…show me the code and the conditional


I figured it out my bad


I have a really fun and creative idea for CLONER SIMUALTOR. What about the thought of a mechanic of getting attacked? Just random from like 3 minutes to I don’t know like 5 minutes and you could go and attack. Both could either be a fail or success


Oh ok…your welcome


I don’t know how that would work though


Yea I’m doing some testing, I might have it go in beta for other people to test