What Should We Do About Bullies?



I Just Got On Hopscotch And I Went To Newest And Then I Saw sos art hater, sos art hater Was Being So Rude To S.O.S Art! They Were Threatening To Report S.O.S Art And They Were Saying Very Rude Things To Her, What Can We Do About Bullies And How Can We Stop Them?


Report the projects, and don't give those haters attention! They want attention. Don't give it to them.


I Bet Cyberbullies Just Bully Because They Been Bullied


Look At This


It's Geting Worse, @Liza, @Rodrigo, @Meg, Help!


Their account was banned. :wink:


Um, They Made A New Account, That's Worse '~'


What is the name, I'll report :D


This Is Their New Account, Look


Oh no! Haters usually just want attention, so you should probably just report the project, and not respond.


They Made A NEW Account, Look


I Can't Report Things, I Don't Have The New Update '~'


take that princess vampire

ok that seems... strange. also offensive because it's offensive because its by an offensive user


Guys, I Just The New Update, It's Awesome! It's Like The IPhone Version! (And The IPhone Version Is Awesome :3)


I just reported both of the new projects. :+1:


They Made A NEW Account But Don't Report It, They Are Giving Out Hints So You Can Find Out Who They Really Are :3


That's weird...


Agreed! Send us a link to the project and then report it. That way, we can track the project after it gets removed from the community.



This Is A Link For The Project They Made, Their Name Is The Riddlerz And They Have A Secret Account And We Are Trying To Figure Out What It Is, Please Help Us Figure Out What It Is '-'
People Said NOT To Report Them, We Are Trying To Figure Out Who They Are :smiley: @Meg, @Liza, @Rodrigo, @PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman