What should we ask Thomas!? Please Help Out


The title asks my question. Plz give me ideas. I already have a few things to ask but I'm not sure about more questions. If I ask some of the questions I'm not going to say that I can say the answer maybe because he wants to keep it private. So comment below on what u should ask.


Can I share this topic with you? XD


Yeah lol. I'm already getting ideas and writing them down so I'm prepared.


good idea! I was wondering that myself


I already have 5 questions. But I feel like I need more.


What's it like at HS?

What's his favourite part of HS?

His history of coding? (Did he like it when he was younger etc)


Ok thanks, those are really good ones I don't have


I have 8 now anybody have any more?


I didn't see that you won the bug bounty until just now. Congratulations!


Have you thought of of asking about some kind of "cloud" values?


Hmm you mean something where it would save the players data so it could be used later?


I highly doubt it would be called a cloud block due to the fact they probably wouldn't need to spend money on a bigggggggger server. I think it would actually save to the actual device / account so it wouldn't use to much space in their servers


Is there a like limit on the HS app?


I do not get this.....why am I here