What should the majority of my projects be?


Hi! Recently I have been posting a mixture of projects on hopscotch but they don't seem to get many likes. Every time I used to publish a project I would get at least one like and one follower! I think it is because of the types of projects I am making, so I would appreciate it if you could take part in the poll below. If you would like to have a look at the projects I have done, my username is pinkcherry38 on hopscotch. Thank you!

What should the majority of my projects be?

  • Pixel art
  • Games
  • Challenges/Competitions
  • Drawings
  • Leave a trail, drawings (like my hoodie pets)
  • The things that are just fun to play (like emoji waves and cool draw...)
  • Other (comment below)


You may choose up to 7 options.


@pinkcherry38 I went in your account, I really like your hoodie pets! They are cute! For a change try mixing games into what you can already do with trail art!
I'm Crazy_cake on hopscotch :D


Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. I have given you 5 likes.


Code anything that makes you happy. If you like trail art, do that. If you like games, do that. If you work really hard on something, I guarantee your gonna get likes!. But remember, hopscotch isn't about likes! Don't worry if you only get a few likes on a project! Has you code more and more, you will gain likes.


Thank you, what is your name on hopscotch?


Bluedogmc is my username!


Thank you for the likes :D


@bluedogmc-official I have given you 5 likes on hopscotch


Games! You leave a trail art is awesome, and you should do some more of those! But games is what gets you far in Hopscotch! :D

Also, thanks for giving me credit on the "Follow me!" Project! :D I appreciate it!


Thank you for your advise I appreciate it, as I do everyone elses

@SmileyAlyssa r u actually the Smiley Alyssa!!! This doesn't seem real!!! I'm a big fan of yours! Can u like a project of my projects so I can realise I'm not dreaming!!!



Or anything. Idk.


Yep, it's me! :blush: Check your activity :wink:


@SmileyAlyssa, nothing has appeared and also what is ur back up account for?


Oh yeah, the activity is down. Don't worry, I liked some of your projects! Also, I don't have a backup account. That is someone pretending to be me! :smiley:


Oh thx for letting me know. Could u check my recent post on the forum about collabs?