What should my "thing" be?


So, I've been thinking.

I do a lot of different types of projects, because I'm experimenting.

Most people have a Hopscotch "thing".

@OrangeScent1 has art.

@Follow4LikesOfficial has music.

I don't know what I have that's my thing! I've been making all types of projects lately.

Anyone notice one that I'm particularly good at? Thanks! :wink:


Well your good at games! That's your thing!


You're really good at games! That's a thing.

What should my thing be?


You're good at everything! :D


Very true @SmilingSnowflakes, very true


Omg that's so true tho


Same here, that's why I named myself randomowlsLC I just do random stuff. (LC means Lets Create, me and YogiLC came up with it) so apparently, yeah
Your good in anything that you try your best on. I also agree with @SmilingSnowflakes and @RubyWolf1 ubyWolf1

(Thanks for adding my name on the generator thing :D)


Oh, no problem! You're awesome!:wink:


XD I don't think I have a thing,


Hmm.... You and I have the same "problem". I'll think about it.

Anyone suggestions on what my thing is?


You have a lot of great "things" it's hard to choose just one. On my Make Your Day account what I try to do is Make People's Days. I also sorta remix :wink:


my "thing" is doing backgrounds. maybe you can try it!


idk what my theme is, probably art! you should try art since you do awesome paper drawings


I thought it meant

Let's code

Ehhh, same thing xD


Sometimes I sit somewhere for a long time and get really angry at myself because I can't figure what "my thing" should be. :l