What should my next project be


- flappy bird
- fruit ninja
- Website template
- other


Why didn't my poll show up?


If you were doing the multiple choice poll, I think it should look like this:


Type in this code:

[poll type=multiple]
- Flappy Bird
- Fruit Ninga
- Website Template
- Other (mention in comments)


I actually used that website and I copied al the code @Berrymelon and thanks for telling me what I did wrong @NDSDNS


Something must have copied wrong.


I ment I copied it on to a peace of paper


I think you should make a movie. Look how well mine turned up


@Gabe_N make sure you don't type any spaces before [poll] and [/poll] :smiley:


Got it (this had to be 20 characters)


Whoa what just happened



@Gabe_N maybe try typing in [poll] at the top and [/poll] at the bottom again?

Also make sure there are no spaces in front of the dashes - But there should be one space after each of the dashes.