What should my next game be?


Hey guys CrookedCat6519 here I am thinking hard on what game I should work on and release next. Give me your suggestion with this poll!

  • Formula 1 (car game)
  • Ninja (avoid enemy based game)
  • Planet X (part 2 to Mars)


Votes are public.


Do Ninja! It'll look super cool :smiley:
I mean I also like Formula One tho


Are you talking a Mirror's Edge-ish game with Ninja?


omg mirros edge is amazing


I really like all of those ideas but ninja sounds the best

Good luck! I can't wait to see how it turns out!:smiley::+1:🏻


Not to shamelessly promote myself, but he sure to check out my game vote!


Yeah!!! He has great game ideas! He even gave me the idea to make the poll!


I even gave the people who made up English the idea to make idea a word.


Thanks to everyone who voted! I am going to do a ninja game now called Silent. In progress now