What should my main focus be?



So first of credit to @AwesomeWolf18 for the idea of this. So this is for the forum.. So what should i focus on? ex:games/codes would means i mostly post links for cool games/code i did. ex: art would mean more art more often on art topic poll will go for 24 hourssssss

  • Art
  • Code
  • Games
  • Logos
  • models
  • other


You may choose up to 2 options.





Pixel art! It's really easy, but it takes a LONG time. If you make really good pixel art, it'll definitely get featured! It took me a long time to do this! I'm really proud of it, because it took me a long time.
Check it out- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xrrqxpyow


Yeah my pixel art got into featured but took a LONG time. I had neck cramps all day!