What should my election project be


Hey guys I need a quick idea for an election project can you give me some ideas


Ummm since I dont have hopscotch anymore I got nothing.

But I guess you can uhh make a project about who your voting for?
Or the bear and cupcake?


Maybe I should make a parody of the debate lol


Make a pixel art of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton! :D


Yes do that!


YOU SHOULD! :stuck_out_tongue:
I fell out of my chair laughing so many times during Debate 3! :D


That's too advanced but thanks


"Nobody respects women more than I do"



"Ok, ok settle down entire planet"


Something about America having a day left of peace XD


Even though Hillary lies sometimes nobody wants trump he assaults women makes fun of disabled people is racist and ugly


It's either someone who broke the law, but knows what's she's doing

Or a rasist, annoying orange blob that went bankrupt 4 times, who just wants more popularity and fame. Who also doesn't care about the needs of America, only himself

Oh, what amazing candidates he have
but I think Hillary is better. They not stink, but Hillary is better


I was just going to post that! :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, I wish Election Day would never come. Guys, this is the last day of peace for America.


I think the opposite. I think Trump is a little better. At least he's not pro-choice.


That's not really okay to say on hopscotch, to be honest.