What should I make? 🤔


Which should I make? :smile:

  • Pokemon Go?

  • Escape the room 2?

  • An arcade full of mini games?

  • Websites

  • A series of small films? ( I will keep up with them this time )

  • Maths Games?

  • Other? ( tell me below )


You should make a poll!


Hmm I think an arcade with mini games would be fun!


A hobbit-y thing. (That's from my book of ideas


Please make a poll! :wink:


All of them! All these ideas are super cool! :D


An arcade sounds kewl! :D


An arcade of minigames sounds cool! Please make a poll though!


Here is a poll :

  • Pokemon Go
  • Escape the Room 2
  • An arcade full of minigames
  • Websites
  • A series of small films
  • Maths Games
  • Other


Sorry, I just relized how to make one. :hugging:
Thanks to @thebestest, @DMF and @minioncandy for suggesting to make a poll.


I VOTE POKEMON GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


I am doing the Pokemon Go Challenge where you get tons of likes and follows if you are the first or second person to make a complex version


You should make potato bounce! Dat sounds swag.