What should I make (poll included!)



Hey guys, which project should I make?

  • Another "school" video
  • A custom character
  • something else (reply and tell me)



You should really make another school video. You haven't been making them. I'd also appreciate it if you'd make a video in school about me, since I made one about you


U were the first to reply! You win Free likes!


:making sure ppl actually do this poll:


@t1_hopscotch no offense but where you flagging a few of my replies from different posts because they were off-topic?


First of all, flags are private and anyone who flags to help the forum has the right to remain anonymous (they can flag without the community knowing who they are)

If they're trying to help the Community, they should be allowed to help privately.

I have not flagged any of your posts though they were off-topic, I've just given reminders which I think is more helpful so you can understand why your post isn't following the Community Guidelines. And so you know as well to fix it for the future :smiley:

I'm replying to you since you posted, but this is your topic about ideas. I'm sure you wouldn't want it to be filled with people talking about flagging and guidelines when it's about what project you could make. That's why we have the guideline of staying on topic :smile:

Anyway I think a custom character would be an awesome project.


School video please!


Hooray! Eleven voters!


If you do a custom character, can you give me the HSB colors? :blush:


Ok guys, I will be closing the poll tomorrow, so you better vote!


Make something with me?
You a re really good!!!


Only a few hours to vote guys! You better hurry!


It's going to be custom character no matter what :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Please school!!!!! It's so amazing and you are the best at making them!!!


The poll was closed! The results are in! I am going to make......

A custom character!!!!