What should I make next?! πŸ€”



I haven't seen anyone make a piano thats playable and what you played is then played back.
Sort of like what you played is recorded. I have a vague theory how to do it. If you did this you would be the first


I can try... :wink: @Stradyvarious


Think I'm gonna try something else first


Oh well, Good luck!:slightly_smiling:


What about a hexaflexagon? There are at least two types, if you don't know what they are: trihexaflexagon or hexahexaflexagon. A trihexaflexagon has three faces, and you flex the trihexaflexagon to get to the next side. You can flex it backwards or forwards to get to another side. Hexahexaflexagons are more complex.
There are six faces, and they lead to certain directions that mostly aren't in order. Trihexaflexagons can be created using 9-10 equilateral triangles and having three rhombi on the front and back. The same goes for a hexahexaflexagon, but with 18-19 equilateral triangles. You can use the rhombi in the new update and get right triangles for the flexing hexaflexagon. Search it up if you don't understand.


what about a 3D minecraft or a tag game or a terraria


I've made that before! :smile:
It only records one note, but I can share the code with you if you'd like!


It looks like something you'd see on a barrel of nuclear waste :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Could you make a tutorial on advanced coding and some basics on sin and con.


You could try making a tron creeper out of emojis or do a pixke art of it.


Woops i spelt pixle wrong:grimacing::grimacing:


Wow is does @Rawrbear.


An ΓΌber coool bubble bg!


Did you know you can edit your posts? Just click the pencil on the bottom right corner of your post/comment! :wink:


Yeah I know. I just forgot!


I have that skin on minecraft but its not my current skin


Or how to code like @magmaPOP


Same here man same here