What should I make next?! 🤔



I am currently wondering what to make... Also I wanted to make a poll...
What should I make next? (I have an idea for each of these but I want to know what is most wanted!) Credit will be given if you give me an idea! :wink:

  • Background
  • Drawing
  • Game (What kind?)
  • Modified Charcter (which?)
  • Something Else (what?)
  • Tutorial (on what?)



A zombie first-person shooter! if that is not too hard!


A multiplayer game if it's possible, I don't really know.


A dancer Star Girl would be awesome!


A multiplayer game!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


A Tutorial

On how to do 3D objects like the games you showed us.
For me this is one of the most asked questions, after playing your game, people definatly ask themselves how you did it. (Talking about 32K views, so thats at least 10K people)
I only know for a fact that it's about putting text on to eachother and turning it.

It probably sounds obvious to you and you ask yourself, what is there to explain else?
Here are some ideas:
-How do you place the 3D text? Is it like one large text or what?
-How do you turn it is it just a turn block?

If you need want a little boost/hand, I would be glad to help you at making the tutorial.


How Do You Do This What App is it you know edit characters? @MagmaPOP ( pic of bear)


No, I used a drawing app...


I thought you made a project like this before @MagmaPOP?


That was screaming octopus... :wink:


Oh, ok it reminded me of it!


About about a 3D emoji?


Is it fine if I post the tutorial here on the hopscotch forum? @TromaxTheDestroyer


Yes post how to make those 3D characters that you do


Well that's up to you.
Then if you want you can just make a tutorial on the forum and I make it on hopscotch. It's your tutorial so you decide.

After all you could tell people on hopscotch to go on the forum if they want to see the tutorial, that would probably get the forum double the amount of people.


You could make a curtain with physics, if it isn't too difficult for you or impossible in Hopscotch.


Then your amazing! @MagmaPOP


I have a great idea! I've been trying to make it, but it seems like something you could do, its WAY too hard to make for me.
I was thinking like a Sim-City thing, maybe with a random-ized land generator thing or a 'customize' land button. If you've played Sim-City on a PC, not The Sims on the iPad There are power lines, water sources, roads, buildings, money, and people move in depending on how they like your city. There is taxes, and that's how you get money. Also there are 'advisors'. This is just a little thought. I've tried making one but I've gotten stuck on the people moving in and how to do a birds-eye view.


I made a modified bear inspired by you :wink:

Just wanted to give credit to you :slightly_smiling:


That sounds like a lot of work... :sweat_smile: I don't plan on making sim city... sorry
Didn't want to leave you waiting for an answer! :wink: @Snoopy