What should I make for the Halloween contest?


I have a coding block. I don't really know what to make for the contest, and it may be hard to make a trick or treating game I had in mind, because I'm no MagmaPOP, and I'm not used to the new editor too much. So I need help deciding what to make, not too hard, not too easy. Something that will make the player have fun with :blush: Or a movie. But I haven't made a movie in about a year. So I need help thinking of games. The person who has the best idea will get sneak peeks or it. Everyone who nominated an idea will get one sneak peek, they can only ask for it once before the project is finished.


What about a game where you carve a pumpkin, like MagmaPOP´s sushi maker but you carve a pumpkin?


Same Problem,

I suggest you could make a website,
You could decorate with Halloween things.
You might want to have a Heading on your project that says,
"Halloween Website"


Thanks for the idea, but I'm terrible at making websites.


Everyone is going to make that because it's easy to make, it's a great idea though! But it'll never be as great as caramel puffin's....


I leave in a few hours for a few hours
Fun :joy:


Guys I need more ideas
Is there a time when everyone is on lol


That's the same problem I have XD maybe you could make a pie maker or pumpkin decorator. Idk


Take a look at last year's winners for inspiration.