What should I make for #HHC16


The title as it all!! Okay so I was thinking of a flashlight game and you have to find a piece of candy and you get a point for every piece of candy you find. But if you find a monster then you lose!! what do you think?!?


Your idea is great :D


Thanks!! Are you doing the contest?!?


Which one?
(sry my brain can't remember too many things)


The Hospcotch Halloween Contset or #HHC16


who organizes it?


@Montoya I will tag you @ the post.


It's the official one by The Hopscotch Team!


I am trying to think of the same thing as well.


You are?!? Oh no!! May the best one win!! Good luck!!


I am going to start on mine right now!!


ok I checked Hopscotch
Wow the T-shirts are great


No no, I meant that I was thinking of what to make... :joy:


Oh never mind!!
Runs and hides


That's a good idea.

This text will be blurred


Wow that's such a great idea! :scream: Go for it!


Great idea! :thumbsup:

Like yntI said, go for it!


I think your idea is great! Go for it!