What should I improve in my art and code?


I'm out of ideas. I just got out of my surgery and I'm so seriousling clueless on what to do! Can somebody give me any ideas? I don't even know what to draw and I'm still trying to be very active on Hopscotch..


Be a bosssssss!!! Keep doing güd stuff


I probably not going to be good at that...


Yeah u r sen-pie! U r soooo boss


You... Really think that??? :blush:


Yeah u r boss sen-applepizzaplumpentagonplentifulpoptartiishpie


Awe! Thank you so much!


It's 12:00pm (midnight) in Australia... gtg sleepy now güd night


Try to do what you want!:slight_smile:

If you want to improve your drawing skills and want ideas, I suggest drawing a camera.:camera: Maybe you could try to draw an emoji in the emoji menu.:grinning:

If you want to improve your coding skills and need ideas, I think you could animate a city, make a controllable boat, and maybe do a pet customizer.:cityscape::cruise_ship::dog2::grinning: